I had written all about my move to the construction industry, but the my computer crashed! Actually it’s a long story about how it flew of the back of a scooter at high speed in a parking lot and destroyed the hard drive.

I need technology that can handle the ruff and tumble lifestyle I seem to have.

Anyway I found this bit of worth/y/while/less/?? bit of info to brighten your Tuesday!

It’s Good to Know: Kids in Court

Researchers from Cornell University have found that the court testimony of children is often more reliable than that of adults. The study found that adults tend to interpret – or misinterpret – events in their minds when they process them into memories, which sometimes results in false accounts. Kids, on the other hand, are less likely to interpret what they see, because their brains have not yet developed that ability. The result: They remember exactly what happened.

(Source: Science Daily)
(From ETR newsletter)

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