Healing Services


Heart Healing

Our heart is a muscle that is continuously working, never stopping until our time. But have you thought of the energetic part that it has?

Soul Healing

We look into the eyes and see the soul. If we look deep we can see the condition of the soul. How does yours look? Is there sadness, lack of light, tiredness or maybe a dullness?

Crystal Healing

These ancient Crystal Healings use the magic of Ancient Mu to bring about deep regeneration, wellness and a deep theta brain state.

Oliver Dolby has been on a spiritual path for over 20 years searching for truth and the “light bulb” moments that happen when we internally realise that what we are reading, hearing or seeing is true. These moments ring deep within us. This remembering awakens us and propels us on our spiritual journeys. Since being initiated these moments have increased and life is bearing amazing fruits that are awaiting my picking. I have found a key piece to the puzzle of life and through my metaphysical and advanced spiritual studies with the Modern Mystery School I know I will find the rest.

Peter – After an Emotional Cord CuttingPeter – After an Emotional Cord Cutting

Wow, that worked! !

After a Negative Energy Removal and Emotional Cord Cutting. Call or e-mail me on how this powerful session can help you. Especially good for loss, breakups, divorce and other trauma.

Hi Oliver thanks for an amazing (hypnosis) session yesterday. I slept like a baby and feel like a different person today!!