Morning Ritual Masters

So there is a special fragrance that permeates the air during a Warriors of Light training. Now only if we could bottle it – “RM Boy”  eau de toilette  for the ladies and “RM Girl” eau de cologne for the men. These special fragrances could help exorcise the mind and nasal cavities. We could make […]

Morning World

So a long day interesting day yesterday. Warriors of Light training was fantastic. We did many push ups and much energy sparing. A lot of the South African team are having trouble keeping their white belts clean, especially Daniela. Apparently the more she scrubs her belt the dirtier it looks – even her housekeeper can’t […]

Terrifying Tuesday…

It’s the morning after Halloween and there is still a smile on my face. We partied hard last night. The South Africans out did themselves. For a nation that does not really celebrate Halloween we certainly got in the spirit and dressed up. Daniela did an amazing job painting our faces into scary zombies and […]